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WOD 20170304


WOD 20170304

CrossFit & Base Camp

Partner Party!

200 M Plate Carry (45/25) (1 partner carries, other partner walks-switch as needed & carry however you want)

10 Tire Flips

15 Muscle Ups

20 Cal Row

30 Min AMRAP

*Burpee penalty = After each completed round-partners *together* do 3 burpees for each time the plate was switched off. If you switched 3 times, each partner does 9 burpees after the row and before beginning their next round

**Partners work through the plate carry together. When they are back in the gym, they are free to move throughout the workout however they wish. Burpees are then completed together before the start of the new round.

*Base Camp scale-sub 40 jumping pull ups for 15 muscle ups



Friday Night Lights


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