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WOD 20161029


WOD 20161029

Come cheer the athletes on at the Monster Mash competion today! CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder

830am class only!

Partner Party

Buy In:

6-100 m sprints (only 1 partner works at a time)


with partners alternating between P1 and P2 to complete the total (P1 does not start until P2 is in hold position):

40 Deadlifts P1: DL P2: Plank hold (225/185)

60 Hibberty Jibberties P1: Sit ups P2: Hold hollow rock 

80 Airsquats P1: Air squats P2: Hold bottom of squat

100 Slamballs P1: Slam balls P2: Single arm KB hold overhead (bottoms up)


Buy Out: 800 m run together


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