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WOD 20160924


WOD 20160924

Are you interested in competing in a competition this fall?!

Festivus Games – 2 person partner comp Oct 15th click here

Monster Mash – individual comp Oct 29th click here

Turkey Challenge – individual comp or team comp Nov 18-20 click here

email KD @ for more info!

Partner Party!!

In teams of two, with only one person working at a time, complete the following:
200 Wall Ball Shots
600 Meter Overhead Carry (45/25 lb plate)
200 Push-Ups
600 Meter Overhead Carry (45/25 lb plate)

*Burpee Penalty*

Each time you switch partners on the overhead carry, you must BOTH complete 3 burpees when you return to inside the gym.  i.e.-you switch 3 times during overhead carry #1-complete 9 burpees each when you return inside before moving on to push ups



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