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WOD 20160908


WOD 20160908

Skills & Drills/Warm Up

Every 90 seconds, for 12 minutes (2 sets of each):
Station 1 – Muscle-Ups x 3-8 reps
Scale: From box or 3 candlestick rolls and 3-5 MU low ring transition include dip
Station 2 – Supermans x 20 reps (do not touch floor with feet or hands)
Station 3 – Chin up grip ring rows x 10-12 reps
Station 4 – 45-60 seconds of Handstand Walking – use a partner to assist if necessary
Scale: 45-60 second handstand hold w/ wall support

Against a 2-minute running clock, complete a total of six sets of the following:
Row 300/250 Meters
Push-Ups x Max Reps
Rest 2 minutes between sets.

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MU reps and notes–should be seeing some of you getting muscle ups now-we have been working hard at these!

Metcon total push up reps completed

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