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WOD 20160902


WOD 20160902

Labor Day Monday Information:

There will be only 1 CLASS on Monday September 5th.  It is at 830am.  Meet at the gym at 830 and we will head to the park after.  Don’t worry about signing up, just show up!

Skills and Drills/Warm Up
Single-Arm KB Row x 8-10 reps each side @ 2111
Rest 60 seconds
Glute Bridges x 10 reps each side
Rest 60 seconds

3 Sets

20 Walking Lunges (as heavy as possible KBS)

4 Sets Each


Tabata town-complete 8 full rounds of each measure, rest 60 seconds and then move on to the next measure

Tabata Row for Calories
Rest 60 seconds
Tabata Wall Ball Shots
Rest 60 seconds
Tabata Burpees
Rest 60 seconds
Tabata Hollow Holds or Rocks

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KB walking lunge weight

Metcon total reps (do not include hollow rocks/holds and count each cal as 1 rep)


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