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This Week at CF KADA News


This Week at CF KADA News

-You should have all downloaded the Zen Planner app to your smart phone by now-if you haven’t-hit up the app store and look for “zen planner.”  You can sign up for class directly from your phone as well as enter you workout scores for personal reference and competition on the leaderboard.

-Baby Kaiser is BOY!!! Thanks for all that came out for the gender reveal Saturday, we had a blast (i’m still waiting for ice cream and/or cake from you guys…-K.D.)

-We will start a leaderboard weekly challenge on the zen planner app (ZP).  I’ll post the challenge on Sundays on the blog (here) and you have until Saturday to complete it.  On Saturday, the ZP app will have an extra leaderboard for your weekly challenge against each other.  (bonus points if you tell me some challenges you want to do!)

ZP Weekly Challenge May 16.4

Complete as many double unders in 5 minute increments daily-one test per day (no cheating! you get one chance per day!)

-You may test every monday-saturday and record on Saturday your total for the week

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