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Rebecca C


Rebecca C

thumbnailI walked into CrossFit KADA January 2014 a broken individual lacking strength and courage to face a new year. I weighed 110 lbs and easily fit into a size 4 skinny jean. My idea of a good work out was a quick jog around the block and a few sit ups here and there.

Some of my best decisions in life were made on a whim and signing up for KADA base camp was no different. I quickly discovered a solid and safe support system and ready friendships in Darin and KD as coaches. I was patiently and creatively taught new techniques and movements.

The gym is well organized and completely free from negative peer pressure. Safety is elevated to top priority. Never once have I been asked to perform a movement that I felt unsafe to perform – IN FACT – I am often told to scale back for the sake of safety. I have yet to obtain the best time or most reps but I enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a WOD doing my personal best.

Much has changed in the 11 months I’ve participated in CrossFit. I now weigh over 120 lbs and hard earned muscle has driven me to rework my wardrobe. I can deadlift 170 lbs and can jump rope crazy fast. I can now swing a 35 lb kettle bell easily and rowing a 2K isn’t quite as painful as it once was. I continue to make improvements and hope to perform an unassisted pull up within the year.

I smile because I’ve begun to accomplish things I never thought possible. I’ve found beauty in strength and it’s transformed me from the inside out.

– Rebecca

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