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PARTNER WOD 20150131


PARTNER WOD 20150131


You and your buddy will complete the following together:

-PART 1-

-100 thrusters for time-

Partner # 1: Hang with chin above pull up bar

Partner #2: Thrusters (95/65)

  • As a team – you must complete 100 total thrusters between the two of you
  • Each partner must work the entire time – when partner 1 drops from the pull up bar – partner 2 must drop the barbell & switch roles
  • Thrusters only count while super friend is in position with chin above bar

Score is time it took for 100 thrusters

-PART 2-

-80 Handstand Push Up (HSPU) for time-

Partner # 1: Complete HSPU

Partner # 2: Rest

As a team – you must complete together – 10 sets of :30 second farmer hold (25/15) (rx+ 45/25) at any given point in time cap (Your choice-choose wisely!)

  • 20 minute time cap
  • There will be a 5 burpee penalty per super friend for each farmer hold not completed within 20 minute time cap-make sure you get these in!

Score is number of HSPU completed in 20 minutes




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