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Jeanie S


Jeanie S

thumbnailNot a stranger to physical fitness, but over the years I wasn’t getting stronger or better. Typically doing the same things in my workout routine. It was time to change things up.

After visiting other CrossFit gyms, and feeling intimidated from being just thrown in to a big class setting, I wasn’t sure it was what I was looking for. Then I found CrossFit KADA.

I was already impressed with the fact that they had ‘BASE CAMP’ sessions for new people to become familiar with the routines, terminology, and learn what CrossFit is really about.

Darin encourages me to push myself beyond what I believe I can do, but I never feel pressured. He takes time to make sure form is correct, and modifies the routines to fit my fitness ability. It is never boring, always fun, and I feel fantastic at 57. CrossFit KADA is NEVER intimidating, even when the other participants are probably 25 or so years younger than me. ☺ It is a family, where everyone supports each other. A true reflection on Darin and KD, and their business model.

The best part is that I have noticed a tremendous change in my physical ability & appearance. Being a cyclist, recently when out riding a route that I have done numerous times, I did not have to shift into granny gears to get up the hill. That was my AHA moment, I knew that going to CrossFit KADA has increased my stamina, endurance and strength.
– Jeanie

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