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Janice N.


Janice N.

tireWhen I sought out CrossFit KADA I thought it was because I had set a big audacious goal of flipping the tire I’d nicknamed Big Bertha. Little did I know at the time, that goal was going to morph into so much more. Bertha weighs what I did about 11 years ago, 250 pounds. Although I thought I was at a pretty good fitness level before KADA, having been at a different gym for almost 2 years before and after both of my knee replacements, I soon discovered several things. My “reason” for switching gyms- Bertha has actually become so much more than flipping the tire. My original reason for joining CrossFit KADA, flipping Bertha, was no longer the thing I needed most. What I’ve really found at KADA is more valuable. I found a community of people that genuinely care and support each other not just during class. And then there is Darin, I will truly never be able to thank him enough for what his coaching has done for me.

Through CrossFit I’ve found a deeper level of confidence than I’ve ever experienced before. For a woman whose had some rough life experiences, that inner confidence and strength and what it’s worth is so valuable. It’s empowered me to set goals that frankly had anyone suggested them even 6 months ago I would have laughed at them as ridiculous. Who knew there was a weight lifter hiding inside my body? Darin has encouraged, coached and supported me in finding my inner athlete. And Big Bertha, well I’m getting pretty close. When I started Base Camp in January 2015 I could deadlift 50 pounds. In September, 2 weeks before my 56th birthday, I flipped the tire in a partner workout 30 times. The original goal was to flip it by my birthday, so the next goal is to flip it on my own. On December 11th after my workout Darin and I decided to see what my 1 Rep max deadlift was since I hadn’t tested it in months.

200 pounds! Seriously, a 150-pound increase in 12 months! So the tire is close, and the door is open to new goals for 2016: Increasing my deadlift to 350-400 pounds, and preparing to compete in a power lifting competition in the Fall. CrossFit KADA is now home for me. I am blessed by the team of Darin, KD, Paul, and Marco as well as each and every athlete I work out with. -Janice N.dl

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